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KLEOS FOODS, is a family business associated primarily with extra virgin olive oil along with natural Greek produce, such as herbs and honey. There is a distinct meaning to the company’s name. KLEOS, is derived from the ancient Greek word Klyo that means ‘to hear’, signifying that something or someone acquiring ‘kleos’ was widely heard of, or in simple terms, was famous or acclaimed. In the Homeric epics ‘kleos’ was the most valuable honor, as it was something worth knowing, such as heroes and their achievements. Therefore, metaphorically speaking ‘kleos’ was synonymous to ‘glory’.

The business has specialized in the field of olive oil since 1940. A little before World War II broke out in Greece and under extremely hard conditions, Thanasis Thanopoulos, who was from Messinia, Greece, a region of abundant olive groves, began an oilpressing service. With great effort, determination, faith and passion he managed to create a lucrative business with high prospect.

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In 1984 and onwards, Thanasis Thanopoulos’s three sons took over the company and continued the business based on their father’s principles. Today, Thanos Thanopoulos, grandson of Thanasis Thanopoulos, continues to develop the family business under the name KLEOS FOODS, with improved ideas based on strong foundations, and boosting the company’s turnover by expanding to new product areas. Consequently, KLEOS FOODS creates its new identity owing to the family business reputation, by delivering to our kitchen table the glorious Kleos Extra Virgin Olive Οil.

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